WHO warns: vaccine does not provide lifelong protection against COVID

Michael Ryan, director of the World Health Organization’s Emergency Program, said the coronavirus vaccine does not guarantee that a vaccinated person will be protected from infection for life.

He announced this on Friday, December 4, at a briefing in Geneva, according to the medical publication Medical Xpress.

“Vaccines and vaccinations will add an important and powerful tool to the toolbox we have. But they won’t do the job on their own,” Ryan said.

“We see new evidence that protection may not last a lifetime, so re-infection is possible,” the expert added and recalled that it is extremely important to continue to comply with the measures introduced earlier — to observe hygiene rules and wear masks.

According to him, countries with a high rate of transmission of infection should maintain measures to contain it and only then organize vaccination. Otherwise, the situation threatens to get out of control and there is a risk of an epidemic.

“We are all extremely tired, but we need to be realistic,” Ryan added.

Earlier it was reported that the first batches of vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech have already arrived in the UK. They intend to start on December 8th.

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