WhatsApp has a new feature

The desktop version of WhatsApp has a new feature that allows you to make voice and video calls. This is reported by Engadget.

The journalists of the publication note that the latest update is available for owners of computers on the Windows and Mac platforms. Previously, this feature could only be used by users of the mobile version of the messenger. In addition, some users who tested the beta version were able to communicate via video link with the PC.

According to the developers of WhatsApp, over the past year, the number of people talking to each other through the messenger has increased significantly.

“With so many people still living apart from their loved ones and adapting to new ways of working, we want WhatsApp to be as close to personal as possible, no matter what part of the world you are in or what technologies you use,” WhatsApp said.

The authors of the update promised that in the future, users of the desktop version of the messenger will see other features: for example, support for group audio and video chats.

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