WhatsApp condemned Apple’s requirement to inform users about the data it collects

said it will introduce “privacy labels” from December 8, 2020.

WhatsApp is protesting Apple’s requirement for app developers to tell users what data they collect, Axios writes.

According to WhatsApp, this requirement is “anti-competitive.” Apple’s proprietary messaging app, iMessage, comes pre-installed on your phone and does not need to be downloaded from the App Store, which contains information about the data collected.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said “privacy labels” are “a good start,” but users should be able to compare this data with the privacy data of Apple’s pre-installed apps.

Because apps collect different data, Apple has tried to simplify descriptions for “labels” by using phrases like “financial information” and “user-generated content,” the newspaper writes.

According to WhatsApp, such descriptions can intimidate the user and do not give an idea of the data collected, which puts iMessage in a competitive advantage.

It is unclear exactly when “privacy labels” will start showing up in the App Store. WhatsApp has already sent Apple the data for the labels and posted a blog post about what data the company collects.

A WhatsApp spokesperson said the messenger cannot see people’s messages or their location, but with such generic descriptions, it is “stuck” along with the apps that do it.

In November 2020, Apple announced that from December 8, “privacy labels” will appear in the App Store — in them, developers are required to provide users with information about what data the application collects.

The developers may not disclose the data if it is not used for tracking and for advertising, if it is collected irregular and optional, or if the user himself gives permission to use it in the application interface.

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