Western intelligence services suspect FSB of poisoning Navalny

Intelligence agencies in Great Britain, Germany, and France believe that the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny was poisoned on the orders of the Kremlin by the hands of the FSB. That is why the European Union imposed sanctions against the head of the Russian special services Alexander Bortnikov.

This is reported by The Guardian, citing sources.

The publication recalled that European leaders in August accused Russia of poisoning Navalny, but they do not want to openly accuse the FSB or President Vladimir Putin.

Two sources of The Guardian claim that the poisoning was carried out by the Second Service of the FSB (Service for the Protection of the Constitutional Order and the Fight against Terrorism). They suggest that the operation was not intended to kill Navalny but to “give him an unequivocal warning” and force him to leave Russia.

Considering that the politician was under the supervision of the FSB and was poisoned by Novichok, which is available only to Russian state structures, the commission said it believed that the FSB was responsible for this.

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