Wearing masks in France has become compulsory for children from 6 years old

The French authorities introduce compulsory wearing of for children from 6 years old. This was announced on Thursday at a press conference by French Prime Minister Jean Castex.

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“The wearing of protective will become mandatory for children from 6 years old due to the epidemiological situation,” he said. This is one of the new restrictive measures that will take effect from Friday. French students are expected to return to school on Monday following All Saints’ holidays. “At universities, classes will only be distance learning,” the prime minister stressed.

“Now the pandemic has affected all regions, all age groups,” Kasteks stated. “The measures taken are designed to stop the spiral of the epidemic.” According to him, unlike the first wave, “schools will not be closed during the second quarantine.”

The prime minister also said that during the quarantine, the French will be allowed to leave their homes for one-hour walks within one kilometer.

There are several exceptional reasons why the French will be allowed to leave their homes, he said. Among them: shopping in grocery stores, travel in connection with professional activities if work cannot be done remotely, walking or individual sports activities within a radius of 1 km from home and lasting no more than an hour, caring for relatives, subpoena or subpoena to another administrative authority, as well as accompanying the child to school. At the same time, collective sports, in particular football matches, are prohibited.

The fine for breaking the rules is €135. “The virus hit all of Europe, no one foresaw that its new outbreak would be so strong,” — admitted Kastex. He also added that restaurants and cafes may operate on delivery. “Travel to country houses after the start of the quarantine is not allowed, but this coming weekend, the French are allowed to return from the province, where they spent their holidays on the occasion of All Saints Day,” he said.

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