Volkswagen obliged to pay to its customers for the cars at three thousand euros

Dieselgate scandal: Volkswagen obliged to pay its customers three thousand euros for cars

The company continues to fight the consequences of its scam and opposes this decision.

German carmaker Volkswagen is appealing against the decision of the district court of Amsterdam, which ordered them to pay compensation to each owner of diesel cars with illegal software with a decrease in emissions.

This is reported by Reuters.

The company must pay owners of new Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, and Skoda, equipped with such a system, 3 thousand euros, and used — and a half. The manufacturer, in turn, does not agree with such a verdict.

“We believe that car owners in the have not suffered any economic losses because of this problem. All vehicles are safe and serviceable, and no loss of trade value has affected the Dutch market, as confirmed by independent experts,” said Volkswagen.

According to the class-action lawsuit, the compensation covers about 150 thousand vehicles that were sold by dealers.

Note that the decision of the Dutch court concerned the so-called “Dieselgate” — a scam that Volkswagen pulled so that their diesel cars on the tests showed less harmful emissions. In order to do this, they installed special software.

The scam was exposed in 2015 and since then, the automaker has paid about 32 billion euros in fines, repairs, and legal fees.

Earlier this month, the company also appealed an Italian court order to refund consumers who filed a class-action lawsuit for installing the illegal software.

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