Virgin Galactic is Raffling off two tickets to space after Branson’s flight

Virgin Galactic is Raffling off two tickets to space after Branson's flight

The company Virgin Galactic, in the crew of which the billionaire Richard Branson carried out a suborbital flight, is raffling off two tickets for a commercial flight into space.

It will be clarified that the “lottery” flight is planned for the beginning of 2022.

“Now it’s your turn to admire the spectacular views of space. Virgin Galactic and [charity auction] Omaze give you a chance to win 2 seats for a future flight into space, ” the company said.

It is noted that participation is free, but if the participant wants to increase the chance of winning, you will have to pay a certain fee. So that the participant was marked with 2 thousand. once on the list of applicants, he will have to deposit $100. In total, the name of one participant can be entered into the lists up to 6 thousand times. The smallest “donat” is $5 — it will provide the participant with 50 mentions.

“The cameras in the cabin will record every moment in HD. With 17 round windows for viewing, each seat is a window seat. And there is even a mirror in which you can watch how you are floating in space, ” says Virgin Galactic in detail.

On July 11, the VSS Unity rocket plane was launched in the United States with 70-year-old billionaire Branson on board. The launch was made from the runway of the first private US spaceport America, located in the state of New Mexico. Together with Branson, five employees of Virgin Galactic took part in the flight — test pilots Dave Mackay and Michael Masucci, Sirisha Bundle, responsible for research, Colin Bennett, the company’s lead engineer, and Beth Moses, head of the astronaut training program, who led the flight.

After Branson’s flight into space, Virgin Galactic’s shares collapsed.

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