Venice hosts carnival without tourists

Venice this weekend kicked off its famous carnival, but due to the pandemic, it passes without the crowds of tourists that come every year these days.

Reported by The Local.

eased restrictions on February 1, giving more freedom to most regions. Venice ranks among the yellow areas with a lower risk of infection, but residents are still not allowed to travel outside the region.

According to the mayor’s office, before the start of the pandemic, the carnival brought about 70 million euros to the treasury of Venice, and more than half a million tourists came to the holiday.

The Local Crafts Association has launched a discount campaign to encourage residents to take part in this year’s festive events in the absence of foreign visitors.

“The Venice Carnival — in masks … and in masks,” says their slogan, a reference to the ubiquity of masks, both festive and protective.

The Venice authorities were forced to interrupt last year’s carnival when the pandemic began. This year some celebrations are moving online, with videos of Venetians celebrating in the streets in carnival costumes.

We will remind, in Italy, from mid-February, they plan to reopen the ski slopes, which were closed in November due to the spread of coronavirus.

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