Vaccine: is the end of the pandemic just around the corner?

On Monday, the German company from Mainz Biotech and its partner, the American pharmaceutical concern Pfizer, published the first results of the final phase of clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus. According to the data obtained, the vaccine is effective in 90 percent of cases. There are practically no fears in terms of its safety either. Thus, the vaccine can be released soon. However, as the press notes, this is just one step towards universal vaccination.

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Need to convince skeptics

Upsala Nya Tidning notes with dismay that there are a significant number of people who oppose vaccination in the community, which could make the proper vaccination of the population a problem:

“All vaccination programs are based on a certain and fairly high proportion of participants, as well as on the fact that solidarity vaccination will be mandatory at the state level. Vaccine opponents have created a special niche on the Internet in which populist and incorrect information circulates. And with the start of vaccination, it will be necessary, in parallel with the fight against coronavirus, to continue the fight against this phenomenon. It seems to us that no one wants to relive 2020 anew. Therefore, it is very important that scientific knowledge and reliable information are now a priority.”

The situation remains critical

Despite the successes achieved, it is necessary to continue to adhere to the antique discipline, — emphasizes the edition To Vima:

“Experts confirm that the vaccine will not be a panacea for the virus. In order to halt the outbreak of the epidemic, it is necessary to continue to adhere to protective measures. In other words, we will have to learn how to coexist with the covid, and over a fairly long period of time. Even now, in the middle of a lockdown, and against the background of the fact that the number of deaths and patients dependent on ventilators breaks all records, apparently, many of our fellow citizens have not yet realized the criticality of the situation — and are trying in every possible way to bypass the introduced rules. The picture that appeared in Athens after the introduction of the lockdown on November 7 did not resemble a lockdown in any way — which was strikingly different from the situation in March of this year when people really sat at home and did not show their noses.”

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Do not neglect vaccines from Russia and China!

Despite the skepticism, Europe should not categorically reject the option of using vaccines from Russia and China, writes publicist and former MEP Gyula Hegyi in an article for Nepszava:

“Like all medicines, vaccines are huge business. Western media now and then report high-profile scandals associated with large Western drug manufacturers, receiving untold profits. And rightly so, the EU is subjecting foreign-developed vaccines to rigorous scientific testing. However, it would be desirable to avoid a scenario in which, in the current crisis situation, the selfish interests of Western multinational companies would become a barrier to the import of cheaper and more effective vaccines.“

It’s not all bad!

According to Les Echos, the results obtained represent an important intermediate victory:

“It’s too early to rejoice, but, as we know, hope dies last. In a modern world of pessimism and skepticism, and where all sorts of conspiracy theories have flourished, questioning science as such, the news from Pfizer means much more than just a bump in the world’s stock markets. … The encouraging results of clinical trials of a drug against the coronavirus are another reminder for us that science is an effective weapon in the service of humanity. … Of course, you shouldn’t indulge in blinding optimism — but you still need to admit that the worst possible scenario does not always happen! “

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