Vaccination start: holiday hopes

The first covid vaccine has received conditional approval, and mass vaccination will begin in the EU on December 27. “We are opening a new chapter in the fight against Covid-19,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. The European press also sees an important milestone in this endeavor.

EU membership is worth it

The pandemic has clearly demonstrated all the benefits of belonging to the community, says Vecernji list:

“In the beginning, there was the Coal and Steel Association, from which the European Union was born. The new generation European Union will hold on to a different connective tissue than the Coal and Steel Association, namely, on a jointly developed and distributed vaccine against coronavirus, as well as on a financial assistance package to recover from the coronavirus. This package is based on the idea that in the midst of a crisis, no one should be left with an outstretched hand. … It is difficult to imagine that Croatia would receive such a significant number of vaccine doses without being a member of the EU. Not to mention financial assistance from the fund for economic recovery from the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. Thus, Croatia benefits from being a member of the community.”

Vaccination campaign — check for government

US President-elect Joe Biden was vaccinated against covid on Tuesday in front of television cameras. Columnist for La Repubblica newspaper Dario Cresto-Dina expresses his approval:

“It would be great if something similar happened here. … Without popular revolts, without gross accusations that someone is favored, for some castes have an advantage. … However, this will not happen, because we are not yet ripe for this. However, the authorities should be aware that the vaccination campaign will be a kind of test for them and the yardstick by which they will judge the actions of the current shaky government under the leadership of Prime Minister Conte. The duty of the authorities now is to protect the country from infection as soon as possible. Nobody should be left on the sidelines! But is this historical task up to the current government?”

Can’t believe in deliverance

The fear of the coronavirus is now being replaced by the fear of the vaccine, notes:

“It has never happened before in history that an intelligent creature fears getting rid of danger just as — if not more — than the danger itself. … Instead of looking with all eyes when and where the long-awaited means of salvation will appear and how to be in the forefront to get it, we are simply overwhelmed by fears. This means only one thing: we fear both the threat itself and salvation from it. … The reason for this attitude lies in the final loss of trust. People no longer believe in honesty, decency, and good intentions.”

We hope for a happy Easter!

In the fight against the general fatigue from the pandemic, journalist Quique Peinado on the pages of infoLibre recommends remembering last Easter, when up to a thousand people a day died of the coronavirus in Spain:

“Maybe by next Easter, we will already have immunity sufficient to travel. I would like to believe that next summer the mask will need to be worn only indoors, and not everywhere. I don’t know if what I’m saying will help you. But when, because of all this coronavirus nightmare, I feel helpless, tired, and completely discouraged, then I always remember March 31 of this year. This is one of the scariest days imaginable. You and I have gone through so many horrors that we are now incredibly close to the goal [and we have no right to give up]! Perhaps you just need to strain all your strength for the penultimate time.”

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