Vaccination in Spain has reduced infections in nursing homes

Over the month, the increase in incidence in institutions decreased from 4.4 thousand new cases per week to 215 cases.

In five communities in Spain, they analyzed data from nursing homes and found that after vaccination, the increase in coronavirus decreased sharply. El Pais reports this with reference to the Spanish Ministry of Health on Wednesday, March 3.

In particular, during the period from February 15 to February 21, 215 cases of the disease were registered in these institutions. Moreover, for the period from 18 to 24 January, 4439 people fell ill. In addition, in some institutions in the week of February 15, not a single case of the disease was recorded at all.

The changes are associated with the first effect of vaccination, but partly with the fact that the trend coincided with a decrease in the number of infections in the country as a whole: in the third week of February, 83% fewer cases were registered than in the third week of January.

Note that Spanish nursing homes have suffered greatly from the epidemic due to the fact that they live in people aged mainly over 80 years old, with a number of chronic diseases. In these institutions, 29,408 Spaniards have died due to the coronavirus.

Recall that the is considering an emergency approval of COVID vaccines. The changes are due to criticism of the EU leadership for the slow approval process, which inhibits the immunization of the population.

It was also reported that the first South American country received vaccines through the COVAX mechanism. Colombia became the first nation in the Americas to receive the COVID  for COVAX.

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