US elections: Europe froze in anticipation

US elections: Europe froze in anticipation

Last weekend, Trump and Biden tried to seize the last opportunity and win over to their side those voters who have not yet decided on their choice. Biden is still leading the race, according to polls, but the gap with which he was ahead of Trump has narrowed in recent years in a number of states. In Iowa, where Biden has long been considered the favorite, Trump even overtook him. The press writes about the consequences of the election results for Europe and points out that even if Biden wins, the world will not get better overnight.

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Hope for a fresh start

The whole world is waiting for Biden’s victory and hopes for the best, writes Novi list:

“Everyone expects a fresh wind from American politics and greater readiness for cooperation — if, of course, it comes to a change of power in the White House. Everyone hopes that there will be much less autism, egocentrism, and hasty decisions, and instead of them, the willingness to cooperate with Europe and other countries will return. This is necessary for a world going through a severe economic, environmental, and health crisis. Without closer international cooperation, the states and nations of our planet will undoubtedly sink — and this process will proceed much faster than before. And even if Trump miraculously remains president, he will still have to change his policy.”

And this virus will stay with us!

One election campaign, whatever its outcome, cannot change the fate of the entire world, he notes:

“The New York billionaire with a good political sense has spearheaded a movement of discontent with elites — discontent that has accumulated for many years both in the United States and around the world. Brexit, anti-liberal trends in Eastern Europe, Brazil under the rule of Bolsonaro, Erdogan’s Turkey and the American states of the Midwest, ready to stand up for Trump like a mountain — all these are signs that the virus has settled very deeply — and simply by changing the owner of the White House it cannot be uprooted … Trumpism, like a hidden infection, can exist without Trump — even if Joe Biden becomes the master of the White House.”

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Trump will go all bad if he wins

Alexis Papahelas, editor-in-chief of the Kathimerini newspaper, writes with dismay that the incumbent president may well win:

“If Trump gets the victory, it will certainly be a big surprise. And if he wins, he will become even arrogant, because a victory would mean that he managed to win the elections despite all the difficulties and the coronavirus disease. And then there will be no restraint for him. Regardless of whatever foreign policy decisions he makes, there is hardly a barrier that could stop him. As the head of one of the European states put it in a private conversation, “Trump’s second term will surely end the West as we know it.” Biden’s rule would most likely resemble a pre-Trump-era presidency, namely: more or less the classic American establishment — on autopilot.”

Critical to the future of the EU

Never before in recent decades has a US presidential election been so critical for Europe as it is today, political scientist and US specialist Gustavo Palomares writes on the pages of

“These elections touch on the most important points in the political, social, and strategic set of EU goals, which are fixed in the European Development Plan for Europe, developed by the European Commission with an eye to 2025. Issues such as the global fight against the pandemic, the post-Brexit situation, NATO reform, the fight against jihadism, new migration, and asylum policies. … The answer to these (and many others) questions largely depends on whether Trump will remain the master of the White House — or not.”

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