UN thanks Putin for offering vaccine against coronavirus

The United Nations (UN) has thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for the offer to provide its employees with the coronavirus vaccine.

The UN called the Russian head’s proposal generous and promised that the organization’s medical service would study it.

During his speech at the UN General Assembly session, Vladimir Putin offered the organization’s employees a Russian vaccine against coronavirus free of charge. “We are receiving such appeals from colleagues from the UN, and we will not remain indifferent to them,” the Russian head said.

The 75th session of the UN General Assembly opened on September 15 in New York. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, its participants could not meet in person but recorded a video message from their countries.

On August 11, Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the world’s first coronavirus vaccine produced in Russia. The drug was named “Sputnik V”. Its production started on 15 August. The first will be vaccinated by doctors and citizens from risk groups, and later will begin mass vaccination of Russians. In parallel with post-marketing trials of this drug, clinical trials of another Russian vaccine developed by the Vector Center are also underway.

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