UK house prices hit a record high

According to the property website Rightmove, the cost of housing in the continues to rise. Asking prices in the real estate market for a 5-week period showed an increase of 2.1%. This is only the second time in the last five years that the 2% level has been exceeded.

The average cost of the houses on the market was 327,797 pounds. At the same time, residential buildings began to sell faster.

In 2020, the government introduced benefits for residential property buyers as part of a program designed to support the during the pandemic.

In early March of this year, the head of the British Ministry of Finance, Rishi Sunak, announced the extension of the previously introduced tax benefits. In addition, he announced a change in the terms of mortgage lending for those people who want to buy a home, but can not afford large deposits.

The property website Rightmove also reports that the indicator assessing the affordability of residential property in the is currently at a low level.

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