U.S. destroyer moves into the Black Sea

U.S. destroyer moves into the Black Sea

A missile destroyer will participate in the Sea Breeze-2021 exercise. It will transit from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea on Saturday.

The missile destroyer USS Ross is preparing to enter the Black Sea. It will take part in Sea Breeze-2021 exercises. This is according to a message on of the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet.

“USS Ross will make her international transit through the Straits (Dardanelles and Bosporus) northbound on June 26, 2021, to participate in the 21st Sea Breeze exercise. The ship is moving from Souda Bay Naval Base, Greece, and is currently in the Mediterranean Sea,” the report said.

The upcoming maneuvers will include maritime operations, land phase, diving operations, maritime interdiction exercises, air defense, special operations components, anti-submarine warfare, and search and rescue operations.

Earlier it was announced that a record number of countries will participate in the exercise Sea Breeze-2021. Dozens of warships, including those from the U.S., other NATO countries, and the alliance’s partner states, are to take part in the maneuvers.

It was also reported that called on the United States and NATO to abandon the exercise of Sea Breeze-2021. They believe that the scale of Sea Breeze exercises does not correspond to the real tasks in the Black Sea region.

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