Twitter to publish work report on elections in early 2021

The American company Twitter in early 2021 will publish an analysis of its work to ensure the reliability of election materials on the social network. This is stated in the affidavit of the head of the company Jack Dorsey, prepared on Tuesday during the hearings of the US Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearings, in particular, are devoted to the blocking on Twitter and Facebook of the publication of the New York Post about the correspondence of Hunter Biden, the son of the Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden.

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“We have seen a record number of relevant Twitter discussions throughout the 2020 election campaign. Our team has defended and will actively defend the integrity of these public comments,” Dorsey said. According to him, the administration of the social network has significantly updated the policy on the designation and removal of false and misleading information, about which the headquarters of candidates and representatives of civil society were informed.

As the head of the company noted, this concerned misinformation about the election procedure, allegations of fraud, as well as the spread of false information about the winner before the announcement of the results. The Twitter administration between October 27 and November 11 has identified some 300,000 entries as controversial and potentially misleading. “This represents 0.2% of all election-related messages published during this period,” Dorsey said.

The US general election was held on November 3. According to leading American media estimates, Democrat Joseph Biden has secured the support of more than 270 electors, whose votes he needs to defeat the current US President Donald Trump in the struggle for the presidency. Biden announced his election victory. Republican Trump, who is running for a second term, did not admit defeat and announced his decision to go to the courts regarding the counting of votes, since, in his opinion, there were numerous violations by Democrats in the elections.

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