Turkey has a record daily increase in COVID-19

During the day, more than 40 thousand new cases of the disease were confirmed in the country. The indicator breaks records for the third day in a row.

In Turkey, 40,806 new cases of  were detected in a day — the highest daily increase in the incidence since the beginning of the pandemic. This was reported by the Turkish Minute on Friday, April 2.

At the same time, 176 patients with  died during the day.

It is noted that the incidence rates are breaking records for the third day in a row. As of March 29, the number of infections for the first time since autumn exceeded 32 thousand. In the next two days, more than 37 thousand and more than 39 thousand patients were reported.

According to the head of the Turkish Ministry of Health, Fahrettin Koja, about 75% are caused by the British  mutation.

Earlier, the world crossed the mark of 130 million COVID-infected people. Over the past 24 hours, 686,498 people have been confirmed infected. At the same time, 11,522 patients died.

It was also reported that the head of the WHO addressed the countries that have started COVID-vaccination. Tedros Adanom Ghebreyesus hopes that by April 10, the process of immunization of the population against  will begin in all countries of the world.

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