Trump wants to freeze the defense budget over the social media clause

US President Donald Trump wanted to block the country’s defense budget for 2021 because of the clause in which social networks are allowed to evade responsibility for user messages and conduct editorial policy in relation to them. This was reported by the press secretary of the White House, Kaylee Makinani.

The spokeswoman stressed that the American leader is serious about this issue. According to Trump, Section 230 of the Decency in Messages Act, which is contained in the defense budget, threatens elections and national security.

According to this clause, social networks are not responsible for user comments, while they can make changes to them. Trump and his administration are in favor of holding sites accountable for censorship.

Following the election of the head of the United States, Twitter flagged many of Trump’s posts as “false” or blocked them. The social networks themselves claim that they do not suppress anyone’s points of view, but they limit or remove content that contradicts their rules. At the same time, the leaders of states and parties fall under the patronage of some companies, for example, Twitter.

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