Trump spoke about thousands of Biden’s opponents “flooding Washington”

The current US President Donald Trump announced that thousands of people who oppose the victory of the “left-wing Democrats” in the presidential election flooded Washington. He wrote about this on his Twitter account.

Citizens who have arrived in the city will not allow President-elect Joe Biden and his supporters to “steal” the Republican election victory, he said. Trump noted that US residents “will no longer tolerate this.” He also said that in the Oval Office they hear and support the position of the people flooding Washington.

Earlier, Trump said that Vice President Michael Pence has the right to revise the results of the November 3 presidential election. According to the American leader, Pence has all the necessary powers to invalidate electors who were fraudulently elected in the disputed states.

On November 3, 2021, the next presidential elections were held in the United States. The counting of votes and the proceedings on this issue are still ongoing. According to the media, Biden received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, thus surpassing the current American leader Donald Trump. The democrat has already proclaimed himself US President-elect. Trump, in turn, said that Biden was quick to call himself the country’s new leader.

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