Trump admitted for the first time that he would not be the next US president

For the first time, US President admitted that the next American administration, which will be formed following the elections, will not be headed by him, but by his rival Joe Biden, who is leading the elections.

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This was reported by Reuters.

He also said that the administration will not close through restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Ideally, we will not go into isolation. I will not go, this administration will not go into isolation. I hope that no matter what happens in the future – who knows what the administration will be? I think time will tell. But I can tell you that this the administration will not go into isolation, “Trump said.

Meanwhile, the world froze in anticipation of a new political course, which will be proclaimed by Joe Biden, who won the presidential in the United States. What will the world be like in 2025?

We also wrote earlier that the candidates for the ministerial posts in the future Biden administration have become known.

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