Tornado destroyed four villages in the Czech Republic

Tornado destroyed four villages in the Czech Republic

As a result of a tornado in the southeast of the Czech Republic, at least four villages were partially destroyed. This is reported by Czech television with reference to local authorities.

According to the headman of the village of Grushki, where 1,640 residents live, Marek Babish, the elements destroyed half of this settlement. There are victims among the local residents. “There are only walls around the perimeter without roofs, without windows. The church has no roof, no tower. People had nowhere to hide. There is practically no village from the church down, ” Babish said.

The head of the village of Mikulchitsy (population about 1,800), Marta Otakhalova, told reporters that the village looks like after the war, local residents are hiding from a tornado in the gym.

In connection with the tornado, firefighters declared a third-degree emergency in the regions of Brzeclav and Hodonin. According to the chief physician of the hospital, Godonin, from 150 to 200 people were admitted to them after the disaster. He also reported on the dead, without specifying their number.

In an interview with Czech television, meteorologist Michal Chak called the tornado one of the strongest observed in the recently. According to him, it could be an F-4 tornado, which will be a record in the country’s recent history. With such a disaster, the wind speed develops from 332 to 418 km/h, the meteorologist noted.

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