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To protect children: Instagram introduces new bans

The social network using AI technologies will check the real age of users — they must be at least 13 years old.

The developers of the social network Instagram will soon prohibit adult users from writing private messages to minors if the latter are not subscribed to them. This was announced on Tuesday, March 16, in the blog of the service.

“To help protect teens from unwanted adult contact, we’re introducing a new feature that prevents adults from sending messages to people under the age of 18 who aren’t subscribed to them. For example, when an adult tries to send a message to a teen who isn’t following him, he gets a notification that the user is not suitable for him, “- indicated in the message.

At the same time, the developers admit that not all users honestly indicate their age and many of them are less than the required 13 years. To solve this problem, the administration will attract artificial intelligence technologies.

“We are developing new artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to help us keep teens safe and apply new age-appropriate features,” the blog said.

Instagram previously announced that it will delete user accounts that forward private messages inciting racial or religious hatred.

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