TikTok accounts blocked in Italy due to the death of the 10-year-old girl

In Italy, a 10-year-old girl took part in a dangerous TikTok challenge and died. According to The Guardian, Italian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the accidental death of a minor. In this regard, the country’s authorities are blocking the accounts of users of the social network.

The tragedy took place in the capital of the Italian island of Sicily — Palermo. A 10-year-old schoolgirl with a mobile phone in her hands was found in the bathroom by her five-year-old sister. The victim was taken to the hospital, but the doctors were unable to save the girl.
A child suffocated while performing a dangerous TikTok challenge called “blackout,” where participants put a belt around their necks and hold their breath while recording a video.

In this case, the local prosecutor’s office has launched an investigation into possible incitement to suicide and is finding out if someone invited her to take part in this challenge.

The girl’s parents said that the child was playing the “eclipse program,” which her sister confessed to them.

“We didn’t know she was taking part in this game. We knew that (our daughter) went to TikTok dancing, watched videos. How could I imagine this atrocity? ”— explained the father of the deceased.

In turn, TikTok said that the company could not find any content that could induce the girl to participate in this challenge.

“The safety of the TikTok community is our absolute priority, and therefore we do not allow any content that encourages or promotes dangerous behavior,” the company said. The social network expressed its readiness to help the authorities in the investigation of possible incitement to suicide.

As a result, the country’s authorities blocked the accounts of all users of the social network, whose age cannot be documented. We add that according to the TikTok terms of use, account holders must be at least 13 years old.

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