Thousands of people in Leipzig protest action against COVID restrictions

Thousands of people gathered on Saturday in Leipzig to demonstrate against restrictive measures in connection with the coronavirus. According to the city government on Twitter, due to numerous violations of the rules, the police declared the demonstration completed.

According to MDR broadcaster, 27 street actions are taking place in the city on Saturday, including one neo-Nazi demonstration. The largest — with 20 thousand people — took place on Augustusplatz square, in the city center. It is reported that the police assess the situation as difficult — there are a lot of people, they do not keep their distance and do not wear masks, they disperse slowly and reluctantly. Through loudspeakers, people are asked to put on masks.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, as of October 24, Germany had 14,345 new cases of coronavirus, October 31 – 19,059, which meant a 30% increase over the week. As of November 7, the number of new infections amounted to 23 399, this is another anti-record, but the growth curve after the introduction of new restrictive measures, nevertheless, went down — an increase compared to October 31 was 23%.

On November 2, a new lockdown was announced in Germany. It involves the closure of all entertainment and catering establishments, as well as a restriction on the number of people in the building. At the same time, schools and kindergartens continue to work.

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