There has been progressing in the EU-UK agreement

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission (EC) President Ursula von der Leyen agreed on the importance of reaching an on the future relationship between London and Brussels and instructed the negotiators to work actively to resolve existing differences. This is stated in a joint communique distributed by the office of the British Prime Minister and the press service of the European Commission following a telephone conversation between the two politicians.

“They agreed on the importance of finding an agreement that, if possible, will provide a solid foundation for a strategic relationship between the EU and the UK in the future,” reads a press statement.

“They agreed with the assessment of both main negotiators that progress has been made in recent weeks, but that significant differences remain, especially — albeit not only in them — in the field of fisheries, a level playing field (ensuring equal competition for British and European companies) and management. They instructed the chief negotiators to work actively to try to reduce these differences, “the communique said.

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