The world has been warned about food shortages

People living in poor countries are at risk of facing food shortages due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The UN warns about this, writes The Guardian.

Almost all over the world, food has become more expensive, and in some countries — even inaccessible to people. This year, the situation looks more complicated than in the past, said Agnes Kalibata, the UN Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit. She added that many had run out of food and savings.

According to Kalibat’s forecasts, the fight against COVID-19 and its economic consequences may take at least five years. She also said that it is necessary to keep prices low and maintain the availability of products for people.

World prices for food and raw materials in 2020 broke the record for the last three years. The index rose in December last year to 107.5 points, or 2.2 percent from November when it recorded the highest level of the index in almost six years.

Experts do not attribute the increase in food prices solely to the pandemic, which has mainly led to some interruptions and delays in supplies. According to experts, the price dynamics depend on the ratio of supply and demand.

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