The words of the American general about Russia frightened the Japanese

The words of the American general about Russia frightened the Japanese

Readers of the Japanese news portal Yahoo News Japan were afraid of the beginning of the Third World War after the words of the head of the US Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, that the US is concerned about the uncertainty about the scale and location of the Russian arsenal.

Japanese users saw Richard’s words as a threat and noted that in the event of a military conflict between the United States and Russia, there will be no winner.

“If the Third World War breaks out, someone will definitely use nuclear weapons, being on the verge of defeat. Einstein’s words that in the Fourth World War they will fight with sticks and stones will become prophetic, “ said one of the commentators.

The Japanese agreed that war was evil and expressed hope that nuclear weapons would not be used.

Some readers expressed the view that Japan should also acquire nuclear weapons in order to use them as a deterrent.

Earlier, we wrote that Japanese readers reacted very emotionally to an article about the flight of the Russian strategic missile carrier Tu-95MS over the Pacific Ocean and the Kuril Islands. They advised the Japanese authorities to acquire their own nuclear weapons as soon as possible and aim them at Moscow.

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