The White House was fenced in amid threat of unrest during elections

It took builders 24 hours to set up barriers around the White House, and they are also located around Lafayette Square.

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The White House in Washington was fenced in about 2.5 meters in height to protect the site in the event of due to the US elections. This was announced on Tuesday, November 3, according to CNN.

“The fence erected for the US presidential around the White House will remain there at least until the end of the week,” the agency writes.

The construction of the fence was carried out at the request of the US Secret Service in connection with the need to quickly respond to possible collisions, as well as to ensure public safety near the White House, the agency notes.

According to CNN, the fence is 2.4 meters high. The fencing consists of individual panels in the form of a fine iron mesh that cannot be climbed. The fences around the White House cover an area of 0.2 square kilometers.

In addition, the fences around Lafayette Park near the White House, which was already becoming the site of demonstrations during Donald Trump’s presidency, were also reinforced.

Journalists also report that many shops on the central streets of Washington, New York, and other major US cities are preparing for possible pogroms. The owners have nailed up their windows with boards.

Polling stations in the United States will be open on average from 8.00 to 20.00, November 3 local time, but their opening hours are different in each state. The first election results are expected after the closure of the polling stations.

Earlier it became known that a record over 100 million voters voted early in the US presidential elections.

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