The very secret monolith that the whole world was talking about was found in the desert

Despite the efforts of the American authorities to hide the location of the metal monolith in the Utah desert, Internet users have calculated the coordinates of the mysterious object.

It is reported by the BBC.

On Tuesday, Department of Public officials discovered an unusual sculpture in a remote part of the Red Rock Desert. They refused to name the exact location of the object so that those wishing to look at it did not die along the way — in the desert, the terrain is too rugged.

However, it didn’t help. Immediately after the photos of the strange monolith appeared on the Web, Internet detectives began an active search.

For example, Reddit user Tim Slane tracked the route of the helicopter on which the department employees flew. He suggested that in the place where the helicopter disappears from the radar, and there is a mysterious sculpture.

Slane then examined satellite imagery on Google Earth to find terrain similar to the one in the published photos. As a result, the detective found the necessary canyon in just 45 minutes. It is noted that the monolith has appeared on satellite images since October 2016. That is, he has been in the desert for four years.

The first to get to the monolith was the ex-officer of the US Army David Surber, later other tourists joined him. A video posted on shows the sculpture is made of three steel plates.

Who created the monolith?

It was initially suggested on the web that the object was made by artist John McCracken, who died in 2011. His gallery owner David Zwirner first confirmed this possibility but later withdrew his statement.

The people then turned to another artist, Petesia Le Fawnhock, who sets up totem sculptures in secret locations.

However, the woman said that although she “did have the idea of erecting a monument in the desert,” she had nothing to do with creating it. So the identity of the creator of the monolith is still a mystery.

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