The USA launched a secret satellite

The US military- intelligence satellite NROL-101 was launched into orbit by the Atlas V launch vehicle.

United Launch Alliance on the night of Saturday, November 14, launched a heavy launch vehicle Atlas V from Cape Canaveral with the secret NROL-101 satellite of the US National Space Intelligence Agency, the press service of the company said.

About the goals, orbit, size, and other characteristics of the satellite, the cost of which is estimated at a billion dollars. Not reported.

The mission and capabilities of this type of satellites are classified.

The heavy NROL-101 spacecraft, which weighs up to six tons, is reportedly an electronic reconnaissance satellite.

As a reminder, last week launched the world’s first 6G test satellite.

And before that, a new private launch vehicle CERES-1, intended for commercial use, made its maiden flight in China. She delivered one satellite to a given orbit.

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