The US supported the Czech Republic on the expulsion of employees of the Russian Embassy

The United States supports the actions of the Czech Republic, whose authorities decided to expel 18 employees of the Russian embassy from the country, claiming that they were involved in the at an ammunition depot in the village of Vrbetice in 2014. This was written on Sunday on his Twitter page by the head of the press service of the State Department, Ned Price.

“The United States supports the in its resolute response to Russia’s subversive actions on Czech territory. We must act firmly in response to Russia’s actions that threaten the territorial integrity, energy security, or critical infrastructure of our allies and partners, “ he said.

Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis and First Deputy Prime Minister Jan Gamacek on Saturday announced the expulsion of 18 employees of the Russian Embassy in Prague, who, according to the Czech side, are officers of the Russian special services. This step was taken in connection with the alleged circumstances of the in Vrbetice in 2014. According to the politicians, officers of the Russian military intelligence GRU were involved in it.

Russia on Sunday expressed a strong protest to the Czech authorities in this regard and said that it would take retaliatory measures. According to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry, this “unprecedented decision” of the Czech authorities, made “under unfounded and far-fetched pretexts about the involvement of Russian special services in the in 2014,” is all the more absurd, since the Czech leadership previously blamed the explosions on the firms that own these warehouses.” As noted in the Russian Foreign Ministry, this “hostile step” continued a series of anti-Russian actions taken by the in recent years.

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