The US imposed sanctions against Kadyrov’s entourage

Washington has expanded its sanctions list against Russia due to human rights violations in Chechnya.

The US Treasury Department on Thursday, December 10, expanded the sanctions list against Russia, in particular, due to human rights violations.

The American sanctions list included: adviser to the head of Chechnya on security Daniil Martynov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Usmaev Vakhit, Ramzan Kadyrov’s representative Sabsabi Ziyad, Kadyrov’s horse trainer Simar Satish, Kadyrov’s representative in Europe Timur Dugazayev (a citizen of Germany), as well as Akhmat Kadyrov’s foundation, football club Akhmat, absolute championship Akhmat, Akhmat MMA, Chechen mineral waters and Megastroyinvest.

The  has also imposed sanctions for human rights violations.

In the British list: Kataev Ayub (ex-head of the Argun police in Chechnya), Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Alaudinov Aptly, and the Terek rapid response special detachment.

The day before, the United States expanded sanctions under the Global Magnitsky Act. In particular, three individuals and three legal entities from different countries contributed to the document. The list includes the ex-leader of the Hong Kong triad, a former high-ranking customs officer in Kyrgyzstan, and a politician from Liberia.

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