The US called Russia «an irresponsible space power»

Us Director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe said that Russia is not a “responsible space power”. He said this at a meeting of the National Space Council.

According to him, Russia, especially recently, behaved in outer space in a threatening and provocative manner, which created a potentially dangerous situation. Ratcliffe noted that Russia launched a satellite that performed maneuvers near the American government apparatus. In addition, Russia has launched a satellite that, according to US estimates, has the characteristics of a space weapon.

The Director of intelligence stressed that American interests are under threat, as Russia and China continue to develop and deploy destructive weapons that threaten the activities of the United States and its partners in space.

Earlier, the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, said that the United States was thinking about creating defensive weapons in space because of the actions of Russia and China. He noted that this is necessary, among other things, to protect non-military vehicles in orbit.

In September, Esper named Russia and China as the main strategic rivals of the United States. According to him, both States are modernizing their armed forces and expanding their capabilities in the space sphere and cyberspace.

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