The US accused Russia of trying to “defame” Western vaccines

The US has accused Russia and China of trying to defame Western vaccines

The White House administration claims that and are promoting their own coronavirus vaccines through attempts to defame Western drugs. This was stated by the press secretary of president Jen Psaki with reference to the data of the State Department, the broadcast was conducted by CNBC.

The US State Department has concluded that and China are promoting their vaccines through attempts to defame Western-made drugs, health development programs. This is not just a competition of vaccines: the risk and impact are that this type of misinformation is reduced to exaggerating the side effects of Western vaccines, “ Psaki said at a briefing.

The spokeswoman added that the public is allegedly being misled by claims that mRNA vaccines are unsafe and have not been tested.

China also claims that the United States< … > prevents other states from purchasing vaccines, despite evidence to the contrary. The dissemination of statements that approved drugs are ineffective and do not help,<…> it causes damage — the press secretary of the head of the White House noted.

These messages appear in social networks, and they are distributed by and China, Psaki claims. Users of these platforms do not realize who is actually the source of such information, the spokeswoman complained.

The White House yesterday called on the leadership of social networks to take measures to combat misinformation regarding coronavirus vaccines. At the same time, and China have repeatedly been accused of politicizing the supply of vaccines.

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