The U.S. lifts all restrictions on cooperation with Taiwan

Washington has lifted all previous “voluntary restrictions” on cooperation with Taiwan, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

“Taiwan is a vibrant democracy and a reliable U.S. partner, and yet for decades, the State Department has imposed domestic restrictions on regulating the interactions of our diplomats, military personnel, and other officials with their Taiwanese counterparts. The U.S. government took these actions unilaterally in an effort to cajole the communist regime in Beijing. It will no longer do so,” the document states.

The U.S. is selling billions of dollars worth of arms to Taiwan amid tensions between Taipei and Beijing, which considers Taiwan its province.

China’s Foreign Ministry has repeatedly cited the Taiwan issue as the most sensitive in the bilateral relationship between Washington and Beijing. Chinese authorities have protested to the United States over arms supplies to the island.

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