The U.S. canceled the sending of ships to the Black Sea

The American Embassy in Ankara informed the Turkish side that the passage of two warships through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea was canceled.

“Yes, the US Embassy has notified our ministry about this,” the source replied to the relevant question.

Earlier, Washington said that the two ships will pass through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea. They were supposed to be there from April 14-15 to May 4-5.

Earlier it was reported that the American missile destroyer “Donald Cook” replenished fuel and supplies at the Souda Bay base on the Greek island of Crete and headed for the Black Sea.

The destroyer stayed at the base for nine hours, then went north to the Dardanelles Strait at a speed of 14.3 knots per hour (about 26.5 km per hour). This is one of two American warships that are supposed to enter the waters of the Black Sea. It is not yet known where the second destroyer “Roosevelt” is located.

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