The third stage of the quarantine exit begins in Israel

Since March 7, will ease quarantine restrictions and move on to the third stage of lifting the quarantine.

It is reported by The Jerusalem Post.

Vaccinated citizens will be able to visit public places such as cafes and restaurants. Schoolchildren studying in the “green”, “yellow” and “orange” zones of quarantine will be able to return to full-time education.

However, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the authorities have decided to track the isolation using new technological means.

A limited number of Israelis will be able to leave the country with special permission.

According to the latest statistics, more than 793 thousand people fell ill in for the entire time of the coronavirus pandemic. 746 thousand overcame the disease, and more than 5800 patients died of complications caused by the coronavirus.

is the first country in the world to quickly and effectively overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier we wrote that thanks to the successful vaccination against the coronavirus, cultural events were resumed in  — an unusual concert was held in the country, to which only people with immunity from were allowed.

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