The suicide note of the founder of McAfee is published

The suicide note of the founder of McAfee is published

Janice, the widow of the founder of the anti-virus software company McAfee, John McAfee, who was previously found dead in a Spanish prison, posted on her Twitter the alleged suicide note of her husband.

The woman said that she was suspicious of the handwriting.

“I doubt the authenticity of the note. This is more like an attempt to emulate the style of John’s tweets, “ she wrote.

McAfee’s wife also noted that the note “does not look like something that was written by a person deprived of hope and thinking about taking his own life.”

“It just looks like one of John’s tweets,” she added.

Earlier, Janice McAfee said that the American authorities were responsible for his death.

In October 2020, the founder of the anti-virus company McAfee was arrested in Spain at the request of the United States for cryptocurrency fraud and tax evasion. The Court of the Kingdom approved his extradition to the United States. According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the crypto baron used his fame to promote the ICO on his Twitter account, while hiding the fact that he received money for such advertising.

McAfee, whose extradition to the United States was approved by the Spanish National Court, committed suicide in prison in Spain. Doctors tried to carry out resuscitation, but it was not possible to save him. According to the prison management, all the circumstances of his death indicate that the entrepreneur took his own life. The final verdict will have to be made by the forensic examination.

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