The situation with COVID will be worse than in the nine months of the pandemic — WHO

Winter does not directly affect the spread of the virus, changing the behavior of people, the WHO explained.

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WHO predicts a worsening of the COVID-19 situation — it may be more severe than in the entire nine months of the pandemic. This was stated by the head of the WHO office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Ahmed al-Mandari, at a briefing on Thursday, November 19.

“The coming period will be difficult and possibly even more difficult than the last nine months of the new coronavirus pandemic. And creating a vaccine does not mean the end of the pandemic, “ al-Mandari said.

Currently, four vaccines are in the final stage of development and have already been tested, but none of them has yet been definitively registered.

“The vaccine will not be approved until it is fully safe for humans. We have heard about four vaccines that are considered safe but should be re-tested and tested. Therefore, no country or company has yet received official approval for mass production of vaccines, “ the WHO representative added.

Al-Mandari stressed that the onset of winter is not directly related to the increase in virus infections.

“According to who data on countries with different temperature and weather conditions, winter does not directly affect the spread of the virus. The difference is that compared to summer, the behavior of people who spend more time in closed, poorly ventilated areas changes, and therefore the rate of spread of diseases increases, “ he concluded.

Earlier, the WHO said that closing schools do not help in the fight against the pandemic. Primary schools should remain open, according to the organization, as children do not contribute to the spread of coronavirus.

The WHO also called the condition under which you can exclude strict lockdowns, which representatives of the organization consider an extreme measure.

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