The second wave of coronavirus has arrived in Poland

The second wave of  has come to Poland, in order to stop the spread of infection, the authorities are increasing quarantine restrictions and introducing a mask regime in the country.

This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

According to him, today, October 8, there was a record increase in infections — 4,280 cases, which is 40% more than the previous day.

The number of infections will double every three days, so the authorities want to stop the spread of the infection, he added.

The prime minister noted that now there are 60% of free beds in hospitals for patients with coronavirus, “but we want to be proactive by increasing the number of beds, we need to envisage a negative scenario.”

For not wearing a mask in public places, the police can punish a fine of up to PLN 500 ($130).

According to the latest data from Hopkins University, 111,599 cases of  infection have been confirmed in Poland, 2,867 people have died.

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