The second lockdown did not have a significant environmental impact in Europe

Environmental pollution during the second wave of tightening quarantine restrictions in Europe remains quite high, the effect of the second lockdown is much less than last spring.

This is stated in the material of the Financial Times, which refers to the data of the weather monitoring company in the European Union Copernicus.

“Emissions of nitrogen dioxide from cars and vans have only slightly decreased — and in some cases appear to have increased — due to tight quarantines,” the newspaper writes.

It also notes that unlike the previous lockdown, when the main pollution in European cities fell by 50% or more, the number of cars on the streets has increased in recent weeks.

According to Corinne Le Guerre, a professor of climate change at the University of East Anglia, the spring quarantine had a much stronger impact on emissions reductions as the use of cars dropped significantly, which “is directly related to the number of miles traveled by car and how paralyzed the economy is.” …

According to experts, people now move around a lot by cars, just to avoid dangerous contacts.

In the spring, vehicle emissions in Europe more than halved. And, for example, in London, the reduction in emissions in November was only 21%, while in May this figure fell by 74%. And a similar picture is observed throughout Europe

In Madrid, where curfews were in place in early November, rather than full seclusion, these ranges were 46 percent higher than the standard for that period.

Studies in major European cities such as Rome, Madrid, and London saw a more than 30% drop in visitor numbers during the second lockdown, but remain much higher than during the spring quarantine. At the same time, for example, in Berlin now there are even more visitors than usual.

“The current quarantine has not been as severe as the one we had in April and May,” said Simon Birkett, director of Clean Air London.

In turn, environmental physicist Carol Helfter noted that what changes 2020 really brought for the environment will become clear later, since harmful gases remain in the air for many years.

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