The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic spoke harshly to Russia

The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic spoke harshly to Russia

According to Babish, he expects a tough response from the to Russia’s actions — it will not be limited to only oral statements

Russia, having organized explosions in military warehouses, destroyed all with the Czech Republic. Now Prague is only interested in honest relations with the Kremlin.

This was stated by the Prime Minister of the country Andrei Babish, reports Denik.

“What happened is outrageous. Russia had the opportunity to correct the situation but did not take advantage of it. Moscow has destroyed our relations, which are now at the freezing point. The Czech Republic is interested in honest with Russia as between two sovereign states, ” the politician said.

According to Babish, he expects a tough reaction from the to the actions of the Russian Federation.

“The European Council will be held on May 7, where I will address our partners to demonstrate solidarity. I am sure that a clear response will come from them, and it will not be limited to just oral statements. I think that this is expected not only by the government but also by all citizens of the Czech Republic, ” the head of government said.

On April 17, the Czech authorities announced the expulsion from Prague of 18 employees of the Russian embassy, who were identified as GRU agents under diplomatic cover.

In the Czech Republic, it is believed that Russian special services were involved in the explosions at ammunition depots in the village of Vrbetice in the southeast of the country. We are talking about an incident that occurred on October 16, 2014, and as a result of which two people were killed.

In response, Russia declared 20 employees of the Czech Embassy in Moscow persona non grata. After that, the Czech authorities again reduced the number of employees of the Russian embassy — it will correspond to the number of employees of the diplomatic mission in the Russian Federation.

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