The previously unpublished pictures of Princess Diana have appeared online

Princess Diana tragically died 23 years ago, but still remains one of the most discussed and mysterious persons in the world press.

Recently, Prince Charles’ ex-wife and the mother of Princes William and Harry have spoken with renewed force. The reason for this was the long-awaited appearance of her character in the series “The Crown” (in which Diana played Emma Corrine), which tells about the life of the British monarchy.

Just in honor of the release of the new season of “The Crown”, a close friend of the late Princess Giancarlo Giammetti published in his installation a few pictures of her that have not yet appeared online. The was taken in 1990 during the vacation of Princess Diana on a yacht off the coast of Italy.

In the frame, Diana poses together with Bulgarian Prince Kirill of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and designer Valentino Garavani (he owns a luxury vessel) against the background of the tiny island of Stromboli, located near Sicily. In the photo, Lady Dee, always distinguished for her good taste, poses in a bright bikini with abstract patterns and a shirt tied in a knot on her chest.

In another photo, which was also shared by the co-founder of the Valentino fashion house, Diana is depicted at one of the official receptions. In the frame, the princess, dressed in an elegant white jacket and skirt of sky-blue color, is welcomed with a smile by Giancarlo Giammetti and Valentino Garavani.

Two moments of friendship with Princess Diana,

– signed Giancarlo a couple of previously unpublished archive photos in his installation.

By the way, Giammetti had previously published another of Princess Diana, taken during the same boat trip. It depicts her next to Rosario of Saxe-Coburg, wife of Bulgarian Prince Kirill, former model, and museum Valentino.

Rosario of Saxe-Coburg, Bulgarian Prince Kirill, Princess Diana and Valentino Garavani

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