The Pope predicted a new world flood

The head of the Catholic Church, Francis, predicted a new global flood due to climate change.

This is reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the Pope, if the leaders of the countries do not respond to global warming — the melting of glaciers and changes in temperatures — then the world will face a catastrophe.

“The flood will happen if we continue to go the same way,” he said.

Francis also recalled that in the Bible, Noah survived the flood because of his virtue. Therefore, the pontiff believes that the authorities should first deal with corruption and injustice in their countries.

The head of the church noted that the story about the flood may be a myth, but it serves as a good example of how God can unleash his wrath for the sins of people.

As previously reported, the Vatican, where the campaign for immunization against CAVID-19 began last month, threatened to dismiss those who refuse the injection without good reasons.

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