The outbreak of “British” coronavirus recorded in the Netherlands

Most of those infected with mutating have not visited the UK, but some may be related to one another.

Eleven cases of a new variation of the coronavirus, called “British”, were recorded in the Netherlands. This was announced on Monday, December 28, at a briefing by the country’s Minister of Health, Welfare, and Sports, Hugo de Jonge.

“The strain was identified in five people in Amsterdam, in five people in Rotterdam, and in one person in Nijmegen,” he said.

According to the minister, most of the cases have not visited the UK, but some cases may be related to each other.

De Jonge also informed that the country is investigating the “British” strain and the degree of its infectiousness.

“Until additional information is received, it is especially important to comply with the measures and recommendations introduced by the government, in particular those related to limiting contacts and receiving at home no more than two people a day,” he summed up.

Recall that a week ago, due to the new strain of COVID-19, the introduced a ban on passenger air travel from the until January 1, 2021. At the same time, the mutating type of infection in the country was identified in early December.

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