The new MacBook Pro on Apple M1 SoC impressive…

GPU in M1 doesn’t have its own dedicated memory

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Almost all of the test results of the SoC  M1, which underlies the new MacBook and Mac mini, have been carried out in various benchmarks to date, most of them in synthetic Geekbench. It’s better than nothing, but real application performance is more important.

And according to the results that have appeared on the web, the Apple M1 is indeed very impressive. The source claims Final Cut Pro X on the new MacBook Pro is faster than the 2019 iMac Pro. In particular, the export of some 10-bit videos with the H.264 codec took 10 minutes 20 seconds and 11 minutes 30 seconds on test PCs, respectively. And this despite the fact that the iMac Pro was equipped with a productive discrete graphics card Radeon Pro Vega 56 with 8 GB of its own memory.

Moreover, when exporting 10-bit video with the H.265 codec, the new MacBook Pro outperformed its brother even more: 45 seconds versus 80 seconds. Considering that the new MacBook Pro is based on a single-chip system, whose GPU does not have its own dedicated video memory, the results are very impressive indeed.

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