The media reported an attack on a church in Vienna

Austria’s interior minister instructed police to increase patrols in public places across the country against the backdrop of attacks in France.

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The Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Vienna, Austria, was raided by 50 men of Turkish origin. This was reported by the Kurier newspaper on Friday, October 30, citing police data.

It is noted that the attackers shouted “Allah Akbar”, kicked the benches and the confessional. The deputy rector of the church called the police, but the young men managed to escape before the law enforcers arrived. According to the portal, the episode was recorded on video.

The Land Office for Constitutional Protection believes that the perpetrators were radical Islamists, who repeatedly drew the attention of the police. Thus, the police managed to identify 10 attackers who were already involved in the violation of public order.

“All Christians should be able to freely and safely practice their faith in Austria! We will resolutely continue our fight against political Islam and will not show false tolerance here,” Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote on Twitter.

According to Kronen Zeitung, the church has been closed for reasons.

Earlier in the French capital on Friday, October 30, police detained a man who tried to attack them with knives in the 15th district of Paris.

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