The Japanese government approved the vaccination of the population at the expense of the state

The Japanese government approved the vaccination of the population at the expense of the state

A bill to amend the law on immunization of the population, providing residents with vaccines against coronavirus infection, has been approved by the Japanese government, Kyodo News reported on October 27.

The government allocated a budget of 671.4 billion yen ($6.42 billion) to provide the country’s residents with vaccines. This money will be used to purchase more than two hundred million doses of vaccines from different companies: 120 million vaccines each from the British AstraZeneca and the American Pfizer, after the completion of their development. In addition, the government continues to negotiate with Moderna to supply at least 40 million doses of vaccine.

The bill was passed in line with the promise of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Sugi to provide all residents of the country with a vaccine in the first half of 2021. The government hopes to enact the bill during the current parliamentary session, which runs until December 5.

Once the vaccine has been delivered, the government strongly recommends that residents get vaccinated. However, the cabinet intends to let people decide for themselves whether they need the vaccine.

The government continues to insist on the need to develop its own drug, but at the moment, Japanese scientists are in the early stages of clinical research.

In addition, a bill was approved to allow the quarantine of those who test positive for coronavirus infection. This law will expand the temporary measure, which was in force until February, which was adopted at the beginning of the pandemic.

Recall that less than 100 thousand cases of coronavirus infection have been registered in Japan. More than 1,700 diseases have ended in death caused by the virus.

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