The Indian became a victim of his fighting rooster

The owner of the fighting cock tried to catch him, but the bird had a blade attached to its paw, with which it wounded the man.

In India, a fighting cock with a blade tied to its paw killed its owner during a cockfight, according to the BBC.

The bird hit the man with a 7-centimeter blade in the groin when it tried to run away from him. The man died on the way to the hospital from blood loss.

The bird was transported to the farm.

The police are looking for another 15 people involved in the illegal cockfighting, which was carried out. Those involved are accused of manslaughter, illegal betting, and cockfighting.

We will remind, in the Philippines, a policeman died after he was attacked by a fighting cock during a raid on the organizers of illegal cockfighting. The bird attacked the policeman and cut the femoral artery with a blade attached to his paw.

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