The global damage from natural disasters in 2020 is estimated at $150 billion

Natural disasters that occurred in 2020 caused significant damage to the global economy, according to The Guardian. It is estimated at $150 billion.

Climate change remains the main cause of floods, storms, and other natural disasters. The damage in 2020 exceeded the losses in the previous year.

According to experts, everything that happens in nature demonstrates the consequences of global warming. In 2020, due to cataclysms, more than 13 million people lost their homes and 3.5 thousand people died.

The countries located on the Atlantic coast were hardest hit. damage in the region was estimated at $41 billion. In poor countries, only 4% of all assets were insured, which suffered significant damage from natural disasters.

In the developed countries of the world, this figure is at 60%. Experts in the field of ecology and climate warn that the intensity of natural disasters will increase in the coming years.

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